Point People

October 31, 2021 | Jess Rainer

Passage: Philippians 2:19-30

Be the friend that points people to Jesus.

1) Be available to each other. (vs. 19, 23, 25a, 28)  God wants our availability before our ability.  You’ve heard that before, but it doesn’t make it any less true.  It’s more about our hearts.  We are all wired differently, which means our availability will look different.  Operate in your God-given personalities to be available to what God is calling you to do to point a friend to Jesus.

2) Be concerned about each other. (vs. 20-21, 26, 29-30)  “You will never have a better friend than a friend who points you to Christ.” – Pastor Alistair Begg. What does it look like to be concerned about each other in the church? There are 4 Levels of Relationships within the Church:  Acquaintances; Partnerships; Friendships; Soul-Level.  There are 3 Shifts/Movements between these levels:  Mental; Action; Emotional.  Here’s the goal of every level of relationship:  Be the friend that points people to Jesus!  That’s going to play out differently at each level of relationship.

3) Be reliable for each other. (vs. 22, 25b)  The easiest way to point a friend to Christ is just to show up.  You don’t have the have all the answers.  Just let your genuine concern be seen.

Let’s love each, be available for each, show up for each other.  Be the friend that points people to Jesus!  When you have an opportunity to point a friend to Jesus, do it.  For some of you, that means you are going to listen and encourage a friend.  Some of you might pray for a friend.  Some of you might need to get in your car and drive to someone in need.  Pray for them. Serve them. Give them a hug, especially those introverts!

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Series Information

This ten week series provides a survey of the book of Philippians. One of the key messages of Paul’s letter to the church of Philippi focuses on discovering a true joy in the Lord, because Jesus’s kingdom surpasses the circumstances of life.

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