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One of the ways God works on us is by working through us. We are so excited you want to get plugged in and continue using your gifts for the glory of God! Below, we have a short description of each area of opportunity and a place for you to take the next step. We hope to see you in your sweet spot soon!


Admin and communications team

Admin and Communications are the supporting ministries of The Church at Spring Hill. The Admin and Communication Team manages several systems that are designed to support and enhance other ministries. We help keep our social media accounts and our website up to date, create graphics for events, and bring excellence to our printed pieces. Let us know if you want to get involved!

  • Website Supporter
  • Graphic Designer
  • Member Database Supporter
  • Social Media Supporter

Leader: Madi Nolan,

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Community Group Leaders

At The Church at Spring Hill, the best way to thrive is to become involved in a Community Group. We want people to move from rows on Sunday morning to circles in homes during the week. This simply means that in order to thrive spiritually it is necessary to become involved with others on a personal level. Community Groups are designed to provide a way for a person to connect to the church, thrive in spiritual growth, and engage his or her neighbors.

  • Developing and training Community Group leaders
  • Leading a community group
  • Providing opportunities for people to find a Community Group
  • Overseeing Community Group administration and Bible study curriculum

Leader: Jess Rainer,

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Facilities Team

A building facility is simply a tool. The Church is never a building, but a group of people. But we want to use the God-given tool of our facility to the best of our ability. Our Facility Volunteer Team will do their best to create a distraction-free environment so the gospel can be on display.

  • Regular cleaning of the facility
  • On-going maintenance of the facility
  • Special projects to enhance the facility

Leader: Dave Brooks

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finance team

Being a good steward of the resources given to us by God is a major emphasis of The Church at Spring Hill. Preparing financially for the future, as well as responsibly handling today’s finances is important. Are you gifted in this area and want to serve?

  • Overseeing the offering and tithes process
  • Developing and maintaining the church budget
  • Handling accounts payable and tax issues

Leader: Terry Domino

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Check out our new Meals SERVE team!   Know how to use DoorDash?  Know a good pizza place?  Have a favorite taco spot? Then you're perfect for this team!  If you want to cook, that's wonderful, but don't feel like you have to cook to provide a meal to someone!  This team consists of those who are willing to provide an occasional meal to others in the church when a need arises, such as after a new baby is born or someone has surgery.   

When a need arises you'll receive an email with a link that takes you to a Meal Train page with all the details and dates available.  *** If a meal train has permission to go out to the congregation, there will be a Sign Up created for that specific meal train, in addition to going out to the the Meal SERVE group. The Meals SERVE team will be the first ones to hear about a meal need as the sign up is being created - allowing for immediate provision instead of waiting for church-wide signup to be created. 

Leader: Jessica,
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Missions Team

The Missions Volunteer Team will assist the efforts of The Church at Spring Hill in order to locally and globally reach those who need the gospel. The Church at Spring Hill desires to reach specific people groups across the world, as well as our neighbors. We believe in the importance of praying, learning, giving, and going when it comes to missions. These four elements are often carried out in tasks such as:

  • Effectively lead The Church at Spring Hill in continual prayer for the unreached locally and across the world.
  • Help coordinate and facilitate ongoing communication with local and foreign missionaries.
  • Develop and implement yearly mission trips to nationally and internationally.
  • Educate the attendees of The Church at Spring Hill about missions and the efforts to reach the lost across the world.

Leader: Jessica,

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prayer team

Every great movement of God begins with prayer. We know that if we want to be a local church that is used greatly by God then we must be a praying church. Every week we gather to pray as a church. Our Prayer Volunteer Team oversees this ministry in the following ways:

  • Developing the weekly prayer guide.
  • Gathering weekly on Thursday mornings for prayer.
  • Praying for the weekly prayer requests.

Leader: Jess Rainer,  

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the kids at spring hill

At The Church at Spring Hill, we strive to take the unchanging word of Christ and present it to kids in a creative way that gets them excited about God and church. In The Kids at Spring Hill, children will connect with God's Word in a way that is relevant and exciting. We want to get kids excited about sharing the gospel. The Kids at Spring Hill includes the following age groups on Sunday morning:

  • Hill Crawlers is for children, ages 6 weeks through 24 months old. The purpose of the Hill Crawlers is to provide a safe, loving, fun and comfortable environment for your children while you enjoy our worship services.
  • Hill Walkers is a place where children, 2 years old through 3 years old, will have fun while learning about God and His Word.
  • Hill Runners, 4 years through Kindergarten, take the foundations of the Bible and learn about them in a fun and creative way.
  • Hill Climbers is a place where children, 1st through 6th grade, are a part of an exciting interactive program that reaches young people in a relevant, energized way. School-age children will hear attention-holding life application videos that speak to them in their own language and show them how God's Word relates to their lives – today!

Leader: Tori Brimmage and Corrie Johnson, 

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the students at spring hill

We want to see the next generation trained up and sent out for Christ. The Students at Spring Hill seek to make the hope of Jesus known in their own lives and in the lives of their peers. With an emphasis in discipleship and evangelism, our students will have a blast developing community with each other. Volunteers with our students will assist in:

  • Developing meaningful relationships with students.
  • Teaching the Bible and discipling students.
  • Engaging students in a fun way!

Leader: Power Jensen, 

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Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry is meant to be a community within a community. The goal is to provide opportunities for discipleship, friendship, and Bible study to the women of TCSH. As part of the women's ministry, women have the opportunity to participate in: 

  • Regular Bible Study
  • Discipleship Meetings
  • Understanding how to best serve in the church family
  • And plenty of opportunities to build relationships!

Director: Sarah Domino,

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welcome team

It’s often said that a first impression is made in the first moments that you meet someone or go somewhere. At The Church at Spring Hill, we desire to have a godly, loving, and inviting atmosphere from the moment you drive onto a campus until the moment you leave. Creating a friendly first impression every week at The Church at Spring Hill helps sets the stage for the time of worship and teaching during the worship service. The Welcome Team Volunteer Team includes weekly activities such as: 

  • Maintaining a Welcome Center that provides information about The Church at Spring Hill.
  • Hosting a café that fosters an environment of conversation and connecting.
  • Handing out programs, helping guests find a seat, and ushers taking up the offering.

Leader: Amy Finch,

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worship team

The starting point of joining the community of The Church at Spring Hill is to come to a worship service. Every Sunday, The Church at Spring Hill seeks to provide an atmosphere that allows people to worship and connect with God, while also learning what the Bible says and how to apply the Bible to our daily lives. The Worship Volunteer Team oversees the following areas:

  • Musicians and vocalists supporting the Worship Pastor to help lead people in worship.
  • Running audio, video, and light equipment.
  • Preparing media and video elements used on Sunday morning.

Leader: Derek Johnson,

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Connections Team

We want everyone at The Church at Spring Hill to get connected in meaningful relationships. We know our church is healthy when our people are belonging, thriving, giving, and loving. The Connections Team helps people find their best place to serve and connect with others. Here’s how we connect people:

  •  Assisting with the Starting Point Class.
  • Connect people with Ministry Directors and Community Group Leaders.
  • Help move people toward membership.

Leader: Jess Rainer,  

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