June 13, 2021 | Jess Rainer

Passage: Malachi 2:1-16

Love God wholeheartedly.

1) Love God’s glory. (vs. 1-3)  God means business when it comes to His name, glory, and honor.  We sing often about both the greatness and the goodness of God.  It should bother you greatly when you see God being robbed of His glory.  You should love God’s glory so much that you never let anything get in the way of the glory He deserves.  That includes church leaders who are robbing God of His glory.  How do love God’s glory?  1) Make sure you aren’t getting in the way of His glory.  2) Stand up when you see God’s glory being robbed.

2) Love God’s Word. (vs. 4-9)  Your faith grows stale when you no longer see God’s Word as your guide.  So, how do we keep our love for God’s Word?  1) See God’s Word as the Truth that it is.  2) See God’s Word as your guide in life.  3) Know that God’s Word has the power to change lives.  

3) Love God’s people. (vs. 10-16)  God gave His children a special bond; it’s our job not to break it.  A vibrant faith is a faith that seeks unity with God’s people.  This includes our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world.  This includes our brothers and sisters in Christ in our local church.  This includes the brothers and sister in Christ in your home.  

When’s the last time you have been in awe of God?  I really feel like the condition of our faith – either stale or fresh – begins with the answer to that question.  When you are in awe of God, you love His glory, His Word, and His people.

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We are going to step into the book of Malachi for the next 4 weeks.  God has a message for His people.  God is going to tell him that He loves them and that He will always love them.  This is still true today.   Series Emphasis:  Your faith grows when you love what God loves. 

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