Who's Going to Get a Pie in the Face?

June 24, 2021

Let me answer that question right now: it's Robbie.


In case you missed the recent announcement, we are in a church-wide contest to collect water bottles for the homeless community in Nashville. We have three groups competing: adults, students, and kids.


The first group that collects 25 cases of water bottles gets to pick which staff member (aka Robbie) gets a pie in the face. We're off to a good start with our students already collecting 22 cases!


Bring your water bottles this Sunday as the winner will most likely be announced.

Also, we have two volunteer opportunities right now:
1) Go and Pray. Learn more here: https://churchatspringhill.com/ministries/go-pray/

I'll see you this Sunday as we start a new sermon series called Summer Stories and we have ANOTHER BAPTISM SUNDAY! Come expectant.

Jess Rainer
Lead Pastor

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