3 Reasons I Look Forward to Sunday

November 17, 2023

Every week, my eyes and heart are looking towards Sunday. I love being with my church family. While there are many reasons I look forward to Sunday, I wanted to share three reasons with you this week.

1) We all come together for the same purpose. We come to give God glory. There is so much power in a unified church.

2) I love singing with my church family! Some of my favorite moments in worship are when I hear you singing. When our voices are in unison, I know God is smiling at us.

3) We all leave differently than how we arrived. God's Word transforms. The Holy Spirit moves. Jesus gives us more hope. Every time we gather in worship together, we are changed. 

Let's all gather this Sunday in expectancy of our unity, our worship, and God's transforming power. I'll see you at 9am or 10:30am!

Jess Rainer
Lead Pastor

PS -- Don't forget on Saturday, December 9th, we are hosting a Women's Christmas event called The Joy in the Lord. This will be an evening to focus on the gift of God’s joy and what it means at Christmastime and always while having some fun! Sign up here: https://churchatsh.churchcenter.com/registrations/events/1986853

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