July 04, 2021 | Aaron Weinand

Passage: Galatians 5:22-24

It is God's Spirit that produces patience in our lives as believers.

It is in our patience with others that we reflect the patience God has had with us.  Patience that He has because He loves us, so patience becomes the mark of our love toward one another.  

Patience is the understanding that we still need time to grow, to mature, to ready ourselves for what God has planned for us.  You can’t be patient on your own, but you can  grow in your patience as you learn to trust God’s plan for your life completely.  God can see the trajectory of your life, and so you can be patient, knowing His  plan is perfect. 

No sinner is truly patient in a Biblical sense, but as a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ we have been given the Holy Spirit who dwells in us permanently. Paul tells us in his letter to the  Galatians that patience is a fruit of the Spirit. If we are a believer, then we have the Holy Spirit indwelling us and therefore we have His power to produce the fruit of patience.

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The reason we run free is because the Holy Spirit breaks us from the bondage of sin because of the work Jesus did on the cross.  Series Emphasis: This 4 week series focuses on the freedom in living out our faith. 

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